HOW to remove the inverter-transformer!
!!! Applies ONLY to LED-mods !!!

SAVE energy !
INCREASE battery-life !
AVOID burnt-out inverters !

Some people have notified me that their inverter gets hot, and on one occasion even burnt out (without causing a fire).
The solution was simple: remove the transformer, which is no longer needed here anyway.
No more hot inverter!
Added bonus: you save energy, plus your battery-life increases by up to 1/2 hour!

Remove both charger and battery first!
If the inverter is inside your LCD-screen, only remove the 3 screw-covers and screws along the screen bottom.
Lift up the LCD-bezel enough (along the right bottom), that you can pull up the inverter.
Remove the inverter from the LCD-cable and lay it face-up near the top of your keyboard.
The 4 LED-wires that are attached to the inverter are long enough for this, just be careful and DON'T PULL.
From here on it's fairly simple: just follow the instructions below (for the Hitachi INVC753 inverters).

Do the (virtually) same for the Sumida inverter.

If you took the inverter out of the lid, gently turn it back over, reconnect it to the LCD-cable and
place it back in its 'slot' at the bottom of the LCD. Re-attach the bezel, put in the screws and the screw-covers.

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