T61 Motherboards with nVidia Graphics: the story.

History of these motherboards:

First introduced (May 2007) in T61 Standard Screen (4:3) 14.1" models with nVidia Graphics under the following part numbers:
FRU: 42W7649 first revision
FRU: 43Y9045 mostly used as refurbished boards
FRU: 42W7873 new revision with Penryn CPU (T8100/T8300/T9300/T9500/X9000) support in January 2008
FRU: 44C3924 originally used for refurbished board but later also for new production boards

These can also be used as a drop-in replacement for the following boards, which are identical (albeit with slightly different GPU chips), but they all use the same hardware and drivers:

42W7650, 43Y9046, 42W7874, 44C3926

Also compatible with the following boards with the addition of a discrete heatsink/fan assembly

42W7648, 42W7872

nVidia defect discovered:

It wasn't long before Lenovo discovered a higher than anticipated rate of failure for the nVidia equipped T61 models. This was due to a poor choice of bonded materials within the GPU chip that expanded at different rates when making the transition to operating temp and back to room temp, which led to microfractures within the chips. Lenovo fixed this problem in July 2008 by removing all boards from production and replacing them with new production boards, so any units produced in or after August 2008 aren't effected, but unfortunately they stopped regular production of this series at the end of August and only a few special order units were built in September and October. However the news was even worse for the much loved standard 4:3 screen models whose production was canceled months earlier, so it was impossible to get one with the updated GPU chip. And even if your laptop failed under warranty, it likely was replaced with a used (refurbished) board by Lenovo’s warranty service.

IBM however took the problem a lot more seriously and since they rely on their corporate customers for their livelihood, they supplied these boards to their corporate customers prophylactically to treat the problem. The existence of these boards however remained a secret until recently, when the corporations began to retire their fleets of T61 laptops and the boards that remained unused also went into liquidation. We were fortunate to get all of the NEW boards that came into liquidation and are offering them at a very affordable price.

44C3924 mobos with new nVidia NVS140M chip now available:

44C3924 motherboard
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These boards are Ideal for retrofitting into T60 Standard Screen models (4:3 non-widescreen), usually the 15" models, which are commonly referred to as T601F (FrankenPad). They offer significant advantages over the T60 era boards such as:

- More powerful graphics
- Max Ram increased from 3GB to 8GB
- SATA speed increased from 1.5GB/s to 3.0GB/s with installation of Middleton's BIOS.
- Support for CPU chips up to 2.8GHz
- Can be modified to support 3.06GHz Dual Core or 2.5GHz Quad Core CPUs (modify board at your own risk).

PLEASE NOTE: there are a few differences between T61 and T60 motherboards:
- T61 uses different CPUs (such as Intel T8100/T8300/T9300/T9500)
- T61 uses different heatsinks / fans (discrete FRU: 42W2820, P/N: 42R9982 and integrated FRU: 42W2821, P/N: 42R9983).
---- Some people prefer the T500/W500 discrete heatsink (FRU: 45N5492, P/N: 45N5493)
- T61 uses different PCMCIA cages
---- FRU: 42X3827, P/N: 42X3828 for PC Card/ExpressCard slot (common 'big' flap)
---- FRU: 42X3829 for PC Card/Smart Card slot (rare 'small' flap with card-slider under it)
---- Please note that the 'flaps' in front of those cages are different too!
The above parts are NOT INCLUDED with these motherboards! You need to buy them separately.

Make no mistake, these are NOT the used (refurbished) boards making their way through auction sites labeled with orange SERVICEABLE USED PART stickers, these are the REAL DEAL, brand new NOS (New Old Stock) production with manufacturing dates of 2011 and 2012 using GPU chips mostly dated in 2010. As far as we know these boards are not available anywhere else at any price, but -while stock lasts- they are available at the Special Sale Price of $139.00 each plus shipping!

These boards are STRICTLY shipped from USA!

Shipping prices valid as of July 1, 2022.

For domestic (USA) shipping:
- add $15.00 including insurance for any quantity.

For shipping to most international locations (location is needed to confirm shipping cost):
- add $40.00 for 1 board,
- add $45.00 for 2 boards,
- add $50.00 for 3 boards.
If you want more than 3 boards, please inquire first.

For these T61 motherboards only, special payment methods are available:
Domestic (USA) payments
Online bank transfers from Wells Fargo, Chase, Bank of America, Citizens Bank and others
USPS money order
PayPal gift payment (use option: Send money to friends and family)

International payments (formerly Moneybookers)
PayPal gift payment (if available in your country, use option: Send money to friends and family)

In case anybody wonders, these motherboards are sold by Thinkpads-Forum member TuuS,
who happens to be a good friend of mine. It is my pleasure to just promote HIS motherboards here!

If you want to know more about T61 motherboards in general, have a look at the ThinkPad T61 Wiki.

If you are interested in these motherboards, or have related questions,
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