Our Services

LED Mods!
For the brightest screen in your life, give your 15" Standard 4:3 laptop the screen it deserves!
put in a brand new UXGA (1600x1200) IPS AFFS screen with LED-backlight ex-factory!
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SATA Mods! (Discontinued)
Give your T43, T43p or R52 a new lease of life!
Put an end to the Hard Disk size limit!
Put in a fast and big (up to 1 TeraByte, that's 1,000 GigaBytes) SATA Hard Disk or SSD.
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Fed up with Widescreen Laptops?
You want a 4:3 screen with UXGA? IPS? Up to 8GB RAM? Fast SATA-II drives? Penryn CPU?
Then consider building a FrankenPad, made of choice parts from a 15" T60/T60p shell,
combined with a T61/T61p motherboard with Intel or nVidia graphics!
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Password & Computrace Removal!
It's no longer necessary to replace your motherboard due to a locked BIOS!
We can remove ANY (Supervisor) Password or Passphrase from almost ANY IBM/Lenovo Thinkpad.
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Motherboard Replacements!
The Board Room offers a limited number of fully tested motherboards
for Thinkpad laptops.
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