SATA Mods!

Please note:
As of July 2015 all SATA Mods have been DISCONTINUED!*

Until then I was able to give your T43/T43p or R52 a new lease on life!

These laptops (as well as the X41/X41T) were originally designed for SATA drives.
However, due to limited availability and high prices of SATA drives at that time, their motherboard (hereafter called mobo)
received an extra SATA-PATA bridge chip, to adapt them to the cheaper and widely availabe PATA drives.
And we all know that the largest 2.5" PATA hard disk is only 320GB. AND they are getting expensive!

Put an end to this Hard Disk Size Limit!
Put an end to that pesky Hard Disk Error: 2010!
Put in a fast and big SATA Hard Disk (up to 1 TeraByte, that's 1,000 GigaBytes)!
Or put in an even faster SATA SSD!

In my (former) SATA Mod this bridge chip was removed and a new SATA hard disk connector replaced the old PATA one.
You were able to put in any 2.5" SATA hard disk or SSD, the same way as the old PATA drives.
And to top it all off, your BIOS was updated with TTAV134's special version which has:

- Slic 2.1 tables for Vista and W7
- no Error 1802 (use ANY wifi-card)
- no Error 2010 (use ANY SATA hard disk or SSD)

Please note:
- I ONLY did this SATA mod on T43/T43p/R52 mobos with ATI Graphics!
- I did NOT do this SATA mod on any X41/X41T or T43/R52 mobos with Intel Graphics!

Before the SATA-mod.

SATA-chip gone.

After the SATA-mod.

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For more details of what this SATA mod entails, see also this: T43p SATA Guide.

I couldn't ask for a better endorsement! Take a look at this: The T43 that IBM never built - but we did.

And for the icing on the cake, look at this: The first (AFAIK) T43p with a LED-lit AFFS UXGA LCD.

   SATA Mods for T43/T43p and R52 with ATI graphics

> > > > > > > Please note: < < < < < < <

As of July 2015 all SATA Mods have been DISCONTINUED!*

* My eyesight has diminished some, enough to stop me from doing any more SATA-mods.