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   Parts for: T30
Qty. FRU P/N Description
1 46L4777 Keyboard bezel assembly without touch pad
1 46L4781 Keyboard bezel assembly with touch pad (small crack in left palmrest bottom corner, repaired)
1 46P3041 Louver assembly 2, with mounting bracket (d)
1 46L4774 Cover, DIMM slot
1 91P7213 I/O card assembly
6 46L4795 Cover, hard-disk drive (incl. cover-screws)
3 46L4749 PC card slot (PCMCIA cage)
1   Battery slider incl. spring
  $35.00    O.B.O. for the above lot, incl. shipping (USA only)

Qty. FRU P/N Description
1 11P8292/11P8293
(Hitachi) XGA LCD for T30, fully working.
No dead pixels, pressure spots or scratches
  $25.00    O.B.O. for the LCD, incl. shipping (USA only)

   Parts for: X41 Tablet
Qty. FRU P/N Description
1 Lid parts All assembled together:
- LCD rear cover
- 2 wifi antenna wires
- Bluetooth + wire
- LCD bezel (with FingerPrintReader)
- 7 black screws to mount the LCD-bezel
- swivel hinge assembly (with cap)
- LCD cable
- digitizer cable
- inverter
- clearplate
- (no center latch, no LCD, no digitizer)
  $20.00    O.B.O. for the lot, incl. shipping (USA only)

   Mini PCI WiFi Type III B cards
   such as used in A2x/A3x/T2x/T3x/T4x/R4x/R5x/X2x/X3x/X4x, looking like
Qty. FRU P/N Description
7 802.11b
WiFi cards
1x 08K3310 / 08K3309 (Lucent)
1x 26P8436 (Cisco Aironet)
3x 91P7406 (Cisco Aironet)
2x 91P7267 (Intel 2100)
9 802.11bg
WiFi cards
2x 27K9936 (Intel 2915)
1x 39T0384 (Ambit)
1x 91P7301 (Philips)
1x Gigabyte GN-WI01GS
2x Broadcom BCM94306MP
1x Cisco AIR-MP21G-A-KS/AP1100
1x Sparklan / Atheros WMIA-166AG
  $15.00    O.B.O. for the lot, incl. shipping (USA only)

   PCI-e WiFi cards
   such as used in T6x/R6x/X6x/T400/T500/etc., looking like
Qty. FRU P/N Description
27 802.11abg
WiFi cards
12x 42T0852 / 42T0853 (Intel 3945)
15x 41W1026 / 41W1027 (Intel 3945)
  $25.00    O.B.O. for the lot, incl. shipping (USA only)

   Desktop Graphic Cards
Qty. FRU P/N Description
1 Bunch of
Graphic Cards
These cards were all removed from working Desktops:
- Gainward GForce3 GF3 TI200, GLB 25899, AGP ($20.00)
- Chaintech GForce4 MX440-8X, incl. TV-out/S-Video cable, AGP ($17.09)
- GForce FX5200, AGP ($22.00)
- Matrox G55+MDHA32DR, AGP ($21.00)
- Matrox Millennium 650, Parhelia, MGI P65-MDDA8X64, (no heatsink), PCI ($40.00)
... Heatsink was removed and cut in half. One half is still there, other half disappeared.
- ATI Radeon Model B276, PCI-Express ($6.00)
- HP Radeon HD5570 Jaguar 10-M01, PCI-Express ($72.78)
- Sparkle SXG2101024D2-NM, PCI-Express, nVidia GForce 210, 1GB, HDMI ($50.00)

Every card is still working (Matrox 650 after fixing the heatsink).

The prices between parentheses after each card are current eBay values, totaling $248.87 without shipping!
  $35.00    O.B.O. for the lot, incl. shipping (USA only)

Prices valid as of January 1, 2019
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