LED-Mods for UXGA with LED Backlight ex-factory!

On earlier LED-mods remove the Inverter-TRAFO!
SAVE energy, INCREASE battery-life and
AVOID burnt-out inverters!
   Click here to see HOW!


Soup up your T60/R60/R61/T601F Frankenpad Thinkpads!
(Non-widescreen 4:3 15" models only)

See an experiment here: The first (AFAIK) T43p with a LED-lit AFFS UXGA LCD.

Here is a big whopper: The ultimate* 4:3 FrankenPad...brace yourself...HUGE pics.

And the one to beat them all: The FINAL 4:3 The Nuclear FrankenPad...HUGE pics.

Just look at the difference between screens with a LED backlight and screens with a CCFL backlight!


Now there are BoeHydis Flexview IPS UXGA (1600x1200) screens available, that have ex-factory LED backlight!
We are talking here about 15" Standard screens with a 4:3 ratio, NOT widescreen. Their P/N: HV150UX2-100

There are a few (but VERY sigificant) differences between the 'old' screens with CCFL backlight that were used until now,
and these 'new' screens with LED backlight:

- Both have the same cable connector, but the 'new' connector has been mounted 180° reversed compared to the 'old' one.
- The connector wiring has also been reversed (i.e. 'old' pin 1 is 'new' pin 30, 'old' pin 2 is 'new' pin 29. etc. Have fun!
- The circuit board on the new LCD has a different, larger format as well:
   the 'new' connector sits 10mm (0.39in) lower than the old one.
- This ONLY works properly on 15" 4:3 T60/T60p/R60/R60e/R61/T601F Frankenpad laptops. NO others will be done!

This means that your old setup no longer fits: it will require major modification.
I have seen where people removed the connector from the new LCD panel, and replaced it with a connector from a 'standard' screen.
This requires an expensive Rework Station, as well as the knowledge to work with it.
Not everybody has such a spare connector, let alone a Rework Station!
Others have painstakingly soldered wire for wire (30 of them!) onto the LCD. Not for the unitiated!
New on this screen also is the appearance of the LED-wiring, which uses a rather uncommon 14-pin connector.
The solutions I have seen so far involve removal of this connector, and soldering wires directly onto the LCD's circuit board.
Again, not everybody's cup of tea!
The inverter also needs to be modified, to enable Backlight On/Off as well as Backlight Dimming (using Fn/Home and Fn/End).

Instead of trying a messy soldering job with too many chances of errors or failure, I spent a lot of time and money into research.
(and destroyed a few LCDs and inverters along the way...).
The result of my efforts was a neat wiring harness for this new screen, which avoids the messy soldering onto the LCD!
The LCD-cable was modified using an LCD Cable Extension which at the time was only available in the Far East.
This extension went out of production, and was then replaced by an utterly useless (and wrong) look-alike.
Due to the inferior quality of this replacement, I had to give up doing LED-mods alltogether.


After some more experimenting, I have now refined a useful method to do the LED-mods again!
I have 'concocted' some hand-made moulds, with which I can remove the 30-pin LCD-connector from the LCD-cable,
flip that connector 180 degrees and solder it back on again. (Sorry, no detail pictures!)
And of course I still use the special 14-pin cables for the Inverter-to-LED-socket connection.


OLD Cable


before mod


after mod




NEW folded


NEW taped


NEW 2x taped

Click on the pictures to show a larger image. Click on the Popup Images to Close them.


I can do the LED-CABLE-MOD for you (incl. the above trafo-removal), but please note that you can ONLY send in:
your LCD-cable plus an approved inverter!
You will have to mount these yourself into your laptop!
These LED-screens are too rare and expensive nowadays to take any shipping risks!

I do NOT sell any LED-LCDs, inverters, or LCD-cables!

But if you need LCD-cables:

  • the correct 15" T60/p LCD-cable with Bluetooth has P/N: 91P6970, without Bluetooth: 91P6950
  • the correct 15" R60/1 LCD-cable has P/N: 93P4297. AFAIK all have Bluetooth
I can only accept and work on these three inverters with the following P/N or FRU:
  • 42T0078 / 42T0079 made by Hitachi, also has marking INVC753
  • 41W1012 / 39T5658 made by Hitachi, also has marking INVC753
  • 13R1014 / 13R1015 made by Sumida

So please make sure you ONLY send the above LCD-cables or inverters for a LED-mod!

And for those of you who would like to see how a T60 LCD is replaced, check this ifixit link.
(In Step 3 they show 2 screws in the top corners. These do NOT exist on a 15" display, so ignore them.)

How much, you want to know?

Prices valid as of June 1, 2021
   LED Mods for T60/T60p/R60/R61/T601F in 15" 4:3 format
   Shipping and Payment

Please note: I do NOT sell screens, cables or inverters separately!
No exceptions!

Turnaround time is ca. 3 business days.

All prices below are for ONE cable+inverter set.

Description Prices in
US Dollar
Prices in
Modification of your approved
LCD-cable + approved Inverter
  Additional Shipping Cost US Dollar Euro
  Ireland and Northern Ireland 10.50 8.50
  Europe and UK 16.00 13.00
  Rest of the World 18.00 15.00