Are you fed up with widescreen laptops?
Do you still prefer the classic 4:3 Standards? (XGA 1024x768, SXGA+ 1400x1050, UXGA 1600x1200)
Would you like to continue using your trusty IBM/Lenovo T60 or T60p?

Then FrankenPads are the way to go!

They consist basically of the shell of a 15" 4:3 T60/T60p and the motherboard of 14.1" 4:3 T61/T61p.
For easier reference, from here onwards we'll call them just T60 and T61 respectively.

The T60 chassis needs some modifications to accommodate a T61 motherboard.
One minor disadvantage might be, that the modified chassis no longer allows for a modem,
but in this day and age this is hardly relevant any more.

The T61 motherboards come in various flavors:

  • Intel X3100 integrated graphics
  • nVidia NVS 140M discrete graphics
  • nVidia FX 570M discrete graphics.

Each of the above boards takes Merom CPUs, some boards also take Penryn CPUs.
Suitable Merom CPUs include: T5270/T5470/T5670/T5800/T5870/T7100/T7250 with 2MB cache,
and T7300/T7500/T7700/T7800 with 4MB cache.
Suitable Penryn CPUs include: T8100/T8300 with 3MB cache, and T9300/T9500/X9000 with 6MB cache.

For a limited time there are now BRAND NEW motherboards available with nVidia NVS140M GPU,
for more details, click on the NOS Motherboards link in the menu on the left.

All FrankenPads should receive Middleton's BIOS. Download it from here.
This BIOS has some great goodies:

  • Slic 2.1 tables for Vista and W7
  • Whitelist removed (use ANY wifi-card)
  • SATA-II speed: 300 MB/s
  • Dual-IDA support
  • No thermal sensing error

To see a top-of-the-line FrankenPad, have a look here: The Ultimate FrankenPad.

You want the Non-Plus-Ultra FrankenPad? Take a look at this: The Nuclear FrankenPad.

A great place to look for these Frankenpads is Bill Morrow's Thinkpads Forum".